Unjust follows three widows in their long and dangerous fight for justice after losing their husbands to state violence. Angkhana’s husband Somchai was a well known lawyer who gave legal assistance to the poor and vulnerable in the south of Thailand. This made him a target for law enforcement officers who were used to acting with impunity. Suciwati’s husband Munir spent years fearlessly speaking out against Indonesia’s military’s blatant abuse of human rights in the troubled territory, particularly in East Timor, Aceh and Papua. This made him a much-loved figure among activists and victims but much feared and hated among the military. In Sri Lanka, Gerard Perera, husband of Padma, had little to do with the local police when he unexpectedly got arrested and severely tortured. Unlike most torture victims in Sri Lanka, Gerard had no intention of staying silent about his harrowing experience. In all three cases, tragedy ensues.

Unjust follows Angkhana, Suciwati and Padma as they are thrown into the public spotlight, determined to seek justice for their husbands by any means available to them. The three unrelated stories portrayed in this documentary, taking place in three Asian countries, reveal a shocking and systemic disregard for the law by the very officers who’s job it is to uphold it. Most perpetrators of such state violence operate with complete impunity by threatening surviving victims into silence. But no amount of threats will silence these three courageous women.

A Pictures by the Wayside production. Supported by the Asian Human Rights Commission.